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We do more!
Harnessing human dynamics to build and enhance teams that power the world’s most successful companies.

Putting the human in human dynamics

HD planet – we do good
We’ve partnered with the world’s leading innovators in cleantech, sustainability and renewables, harnessing the power of human dynamics as a force for good!
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Building the best healthcare ecosystems

HD Health – we do well
We’ve developed a powerful ecosystem to support Healthcare Transformers in shaping the health and wellbeing environments of the future, from TeleMed to Pharmaceutical Innovations.
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When it comes to tech, we’ve seen it all

HD tech – we do change
We’re leaders in the rapidly evolving world of emerging technology, empowering our tech cohorts to build innovative, sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow.
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Accelerate, catch fire and take off!

HD ignite > altitude – we do scale
We’ve developed an all-encompassing environment to fuel start-ups, scale-ups & re-starts on their journey, allowing them to accelerate towards their ultimate destination.
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Hurren & Hope human dynamics
We do more!
Hurren & Hope human dynamics
We do more!

HD planet

Our people-over-profits ethos
isn’t just something that sounds
good in presentations, it’s the
guiding principle the company
was founded upon.

HD ignite > altitude

Whether you’re at the start of
your journey or looking to take
your business to the next level,
our tailored programmes will put
you on the path to growth.

HD health

Far more than technical
recruitment consultancy, we’re
plugged into centres of health-
tech research, including
Cambridge, Norwich & London.

HD tech

The genesis of Hurren & Hope
was the tech sector so it’s only
fitting that we carry our hard-
won expertise into our Human
Dynamics offering!

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