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Putting the human in human dynamics

HD Planet – Recruit for good
We are experts in the fast-evolving green sector. Lean on our network of professionals to find your next permanent or contract hire or engage a Top Table consultant to further your company’s goals.
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Driving innovation in healthcare

HD Health – recruit for for wellness
Innovation within health environments is in our blood. Call upon our expertise in the medtech and health technologies space.
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When it comes to tech, we’ve seen it all

HD Tech – Recruit for the future
We have rapidly scaled companies from 10 to 250+, providing access to contract and permanent tech talent in conjunction with funding, coaching and outsourced development expertise.
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Accelerate, catch fire and take off!

HD Ignite > Altitude – Innovation marketplace
Access a range of experts on our Top Table or engage our partners to gain funding, assist with branding, product ideation, external software development, business strategy and a range of coaching services. We are far more than a recruitment agency.
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Hurren & Hope human dynamics
Recruit for more!
Hurren & Hope human dynamics
Recruit for more!

HD Planet

The search for talent and consultancy
expertise within green projects is
a global dilemma. Our network of
professionals will fuel the solutions
that will power the next generation.

HD Ignite > Altitude

Whether you’re at the start of
your journey or looking to take
your business to the next level,
our partners and Top Table experts
will prove invaluable.

HD Health

Technology in health is evolving quickly,
we’re plugged into centres of health-
tech research, including
Cambridge, Norwich & London
and the people that drive them.

HD Tech

The genesis of Hurren & Hope
was the tech sector. It’s a unique
market and we know it better than
anyone – recognising the need
for a new approach to
talent attraction!

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