We address the challenges and frustrations in the Start-up, Scale-up and Re-Start world through a progressive and agile eco-system of expertise, opportunity and networks. Bringing together the right skills, people and knowledge to ensure success whether you are an aspiring founder or growing entrepreneur, a corporation looking to connect with innovation to fuel your business growth or an investor looking for those safe hands.

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We believe that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are the key to innovation. Supporting this is vital to progression for any organisation, from pre-launch to exit and beyond, being surrounded by the right people, expertise, knowledge, and commitment is the foundation for success.

From turning bold ideas to reality, plotting your course, connecting you to industry-leading experts and building your all-important team, Ignite > Altitude provides a unique environment born from decades of innovation wisdom.


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People At The Core

The founder of Hurren & Hope opens up in a frank interview around his business, maintaining core values around humans and how this has led to a people-centric business service with authentic values. Discover the frustrations, concerns and challenges this business leader has experienced along the way.

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Successfully achieving the goals in a start-up, scale-up or re-start

In the rapidly changing world we now live in, it is ever more important to ensure that we are setting the right foundations. Surrounding ourselves by the right people, skills and environments is the cornerstone for progression.

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Building a great team around you!

Building your team is far more than simply gathering people.

Getting the right people, in the right environment with the right relationships around them are the cornerstone to success.

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With the growing concern over personal data and what organisations are doing with it, accountability is driving eye-watering penalties.  With the GDPR being the ‘advanced guard’ the team at Vox Securitas have developed DataVista which puts organisations in full control and drives compliance for their full commercial eco-system.

Vox Securitas rapidly attracted global interest from investors and corporations placing it firmly in the running as one to watch! H&H HD I>A are happy to class Vox Securitas as one of the fastest-growing companies in 2020-21.

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