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Tips for Starting A Job At Home

  • Posted 11 May 2021

Useful day-to-day activities to follow, to help you adapt, with starting a new job from home

Joining Hurren and Hope During Covid

  • Posted 27 April 2021

Starting a new job can be a daunting experience at the best of times; having to build new relationships, follow different procedures and adapting to a different company culture. However, this is year could not have been anymore different, with having to start the role from your own home.

Onboarding During the Covid Storm!

  • Finance, Growth
  • Posted 17 March 2021

As we welcomed in 2020 we had no idea of what was heading our way. As businesses acclimatised to the new world, how did onboarding new members of the team change?

Our Progressive British Agriculture

  • Posted 2 March 2021

Regenerative agriculture presents a new agriculture paradigm: sustainable yet intensive crop production. We are going to need to produce more with less – less land, less inputs, less actives while conserving resources, reducing impacts on the environment and enhance natural capital

Fastest Growing Tech Companies of 2020/1

  • Posted 25 February 2021

One of the fastest growing tech scale-ups of 2020/1 addresses one of the worlds most emotive subjects - personal data

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