Need funding? Struggling with your operations, sales strategy, product ideation, branding, company culture?

All too often we see entrepreneurs give away ‘sweat’ equity to individuals who are unlikely to add value beyond the initial stages of a business, often for the sole benefit of appealing to investors. Now you don’t have to! We provide access to highly successful, experienced service partners on an hourly, daily or indefinite basis, enabling access to seasoned experts able to help you gain funding, provide clarity to your ideas, build a brand, engage the best talent… the list goes on.

The flexible nature of these engagements allows smaller and startup companies to benefit from experienced C-suite and senior board individuals in a cost-effective way, drawing on their skills where needed without needing to engage full-time employees or commit to long-term contracts with the added confidence of knowing you’re now part of a network of professionals used to working together. We carefully vet applications from potential service partners to ensure we only provide proven experts who share our values and have the credentials our clients seek.

Service areas covered

Our service partners span various “benches”. These benches have been carefully curated to ensure you’ll have access to all the disciplines needed to take your business from ignition to altitude!

Agriculture / Farming Bench

Our Agri division is well versed with new farming strategies and the latest technologies coming into the Farming industry.  We work closely with Education, Consultancies and Farm Managers to pool knowledge and facilitate across the industry.

Finance & Investment Bench

With oversight provided by Kevin Ward of Conatus Finance solutions, our finance bench provides introductions to investors, Finance & credit services, and sound fiscal guidance to ensure your new venture or scaling enterprise has access to the knowledge it needs to ensure sustainable growth.

Coaching & Leadership Bench

In partnership with 100 and First a unique Coaching organisation utilising the latest Technologies developed in conjunction with the GB cycling Team, England Rugby, and a host of other leading organisations to create highly productive and collaborative work environments.  Contact us now to find out more about their offering and how we work in unison to Hire, Coach, and retain winning teams.


This has been our mainstay for many years and our network of professionals in the space speaks for its self.  Made up of a range of professionals and organisations that we have worked with on previous projects we supply access to Tech, Strategic, and highly niche technical experts to drive your product, project, or ideas forward.

Business Strategy - Non Exec

Non-Exec and Business advisory has been a key part of the business landscape for years but knowing who is offering ‘words’ and who genuinely has a pedigree of ‘delivering; is vital.  Our contacts have worked with us previously and we know who will fit with your needs and your culture.  Our bench works hand in hand with our Executive search services.

Interested in becoming a service partner?

We're always keen to meet new experts with proven track records who can help our Ignite > Altitude clients achieve their goals. We have been surprised at the level of interest in joining our 'Top Table' and ask you to please bear with us as we work through the applications as quickly as we can.

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