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Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant
Who are we? Hurren and Hope are an alternative choice in the Talent Market space, the company was formed in 2013 on the back of a disgruntled ‘consultant’ wanting to do exactly that ‘Consult’ not just sell! We have continued to grow the company based on a set of firm values that places our client partners and the individuals we represent at the centre of all we do, providing expertise, market insight, and knowledge to enable positive connections to be formed. We firmly believe that work is a vessel that can move individual lives forward, not just as a means to provide financial security but also to fulfill our fundamental human needs for connection, significance, Growth, and contribution, we make a positive difference to the candidates we represent, providing genuine value.
We are also on a mission to provide solutions to many of the world’s problems through Technology, Environmental, and Health innovations, we believe the world of work and employers have more influence on the direction of the planet and society than world Governments and we actively look to assist companies working towards solutions for some of Human Kinds largest problems to assist them in Attracting, Hiring and Retaining exceptional talent to move these ideas forward.
We are affiliated members of the REC and also accredited partners of MyPeople a highly innovative partnership between ourselves and some of the brightest minds from the sporting world that has powered the GB Cycling team to be the dominant force for cycling on the global stage and a number of wins for England Rugby, in addition to our collaboration with the ‘100 & First’ Culture consultancy we bring a unique range of services to our candidates and clients. Services that provide genuine value that go beyond the traditional transactional recruitment hiring model. We pride ourselves on being the alternative to the traditional recruitment marketplace.
The reality!
Recruitment as a sector is tough, it’s a roller coaster of emotions that will see you flying high, enjoying holidays, city breaks, earning more than many of your peers, sharing coffee with successful candidates, and pulling your hair out because the person you spoke with yesterday who was loving the idea of meeting your employer partner chose to not turn up to their interview. The company founder is working with Directors who were graduates he helped to get their first steps on the career ladder years back so it’s worth noting it’s a long-term game. Individuals looking for a quick buck regardless of who gets trampled underfoot on the way have no place in the sector or under our roof.
Work helps people feed their kids, keep a roof over their heads and provide solutions to global warming, Human Health, etc. Recruitment done well is a very rewarding and lucrative career choice, but it’s not easy! Hurren and Hope offer a supportive environment with a great culture but we can’t change the fact recruitment is one of the most transparent service industries, you get out what you put in. Work hard, learn new skills and have a genuine interest in representing individuals within the world’s leading brands and you will be successful.
Who are you? We believe you are never fully developed, never quite the finished article so the question should be
“Who are you today?, hardworking, keen to succeed someone who likes to test their boundaries One of our core values is ‘always learning’ and we actively encourage a growth mindset amongst our team, with a dedicated academy and one on one coaching alongside our Directors who come from Global successful corporate coaching and Hiring organisations, each of us has chosen to step out of the mainstream to create Hurren and Hope as an alternative model to the traditional recruitment Companies in the sector, taking our combined 70 years experience, keeping the good and losing the stereotypes that come with the recruitment sector.
Who are you in the future? A thought leader in your chosen field, a respected source of advice and content, a tenacious, resilient financially successful professional.
Your open mindset to learning sees you keeping pace with the fast-paced environments we operate within building meaningful relationships that go beyond the transactional arrangements of recruitment past. Your exceptional communication skills, both in writing and verbally has placed you as one of the go-to faces in the industry, you have progressed through the defined career path here at Hurren and Hope to head up your own team and you now see yourself and your team consistently billing across Permanent and/or Contract markets while also working collaboratively with our professional services and wider business teams. Your conversations with Client partners include discussions relating to diversity, Culture, and employer branding.
What’s on the table?
A brand that sees regular referrals into the business, a genuine commitment from management to supporting your goals, access to the latest tools and technologies in the Talent Market to further your potential. A senior management team that chose to move away from the ‘bums on seats’ approach and is actively looking to encourage an internal dialogue between all areas of the business to share ideas and collaborate on Charity and commercial projects.
Our unique view of the world makes us a great option for individuals who liked recruitment but left the industry based on poor cultures at their previous employers, or individuals in the sector having some success but feeling like they are a round peg in a square hole at their current agency. We also know talent comes in many forms and want to hear from great communicators not afraid of working hard to further themselves who are currently in other market sectors.
We believe in rewarding success and actively encourage a meritocracy so the ability to earn high commission, benefit from company socials and prize events is all on the table but not at the expense of our culture or the quality of the offering we offer our clients and candidates.
For more information please make contact with either Peter Page – Operations Director or Mark Hurren – Founder
  • Up to 60% Commission take home.
  • Holiday competitions, City Breaks and Social days.
  • Coaching and Training to progress your career.

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