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IT & Telecomms / Software - Developer


£70000 - £75000
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Greater Manchester

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Permanent / Full Time

Software Team Leader (Scrum Master)

Software Team Leader & Scrum Master – Manchester Area
Hybrid working – 3 days in office (maybe some flexibility)
Manchester offices
If you are looking for an interesting work environment, well-financed solutions, a blank canvas to create your vision, a cause bigger than yourself? You just found it…
Their Vision, Your Calling…
If there is one thing we can all agree on, the energy infrastructure in the next 10 years will look very different from what it does now. Germany has committed to an entirely carbon-neutral economy in just 24 years and similar pledges are being echoed across the developed world.
The technologies and innovations to make this possible are coming. Hurren and Hope is fortunate enough to be working with several innovative companies and VC organisations driving this new generation of green tech. How these technologies are brought to market and how they interact to form an ecosystem that is financially and ecologically sustainable is still a hard nut to crack. The rules on power distribution and sources of energy are long-standing with a huge legacy debt to overcome while still keeping the lights on!
One of the major players in the energy/utility infrastructure space has dedicated an initial 25 million R&D budget to cracking this particular nut, they have been acquiring companies to add to their existing global footprint in the Energy management space from EV technologies to Water utilities.
Their size, access to capital, and long-standing relationships with providers in the water and energy space make them very well placed to become the driving force behind the smart grid that will be necessary if companies and individuals are going to move to a greener future, helping all of us manage our water and Energy demands in a far more efficient sustainable way while also providing a corridor for new ideas and companies to co-ordinate their solutions with the wider market to ensure adoption and ultimately provide a bridge from our inefficient legacy infrastructure to a new sustainably managed grid.
The founding stone for this revolution is the development of Smart Grid solutions, the introduction and continuous innovation of IoT in order to harness the vast amounts of data available.
We are working in partnership with this organisation to build a team capable of delivering innovation that will have a real effect in the environmental infrastructure space.
This role…
One of the key pillars of this team is the role of Software Team Leader & Scrum Master
A Software Team Leader & Scrum Master in this business will be leading a cross functional development team through Scrum Agile processes to ensure the team has everything they need to deliver at the highest level. They will be not only a technical leader, but also a passionate people leader able to get the best out of their team.
If you are successful, you will be leading timely Scrums that are efficient and productive. Using your hands on experience in Scrum in combination with your technical expertise you will coach and mentor your team.
You will remain partly hands-on, splitting your time between development and management.
Your professional development will be important to yourself and and the business.
What you’ll need…
When it comes to your technical skillset, you’ll have experience of being a Scrum Master in a cross functional development team.
You will have experience in either Python or C++ Embedded Software development.
Extra points for: Azure DevOps, Sprint Planning, GitHub or similar, CI/CD, Testing.
And when it comes to your mindset, you’ll be a motivated team player with a self-start attitude. A great communicator, you’ll have no issue in getting your ideas across to your team and relaying feedback and coaching advice.
We don’t want to count you out of the process before you’ve even begun with an endless list of technical requirements. We are hiring based on attitude, willingness to learn, and of course a few fundamental technical requirements listed above.
If you would like to learn more about the organisation, the vision, and the day-to-day role of a Software Team Leader (Scrum Master) in this business please apply.

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