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Hurren & Hope HD Planet represents ‘the change’ that we feel is needed in the world right now. It’s the point where humans stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution. Empowering individuals in careers dedicated to solving the world’s largest challenges.

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People Before Profits

If you’ve worked with Hurren & Hope before, you’ll know our ‘people over profits’ ethos isn’t just something that sounds good in presentations, it’s the guiding principle the company was founded upon. In fact, our pioneering approach to Human Dynamics has very much grown out of this core belief.

Doing some good in the world is a fundamental value shared by the Hurren & Hope team as well as our extended network of top-tier business advisors and mentors.

A new job role is all about fresh growth for that individual, to recognise that growth we plant a tree and provide a certificate to everyone we help into a new career!

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We have a wide range of roles in Cleantech, Agri-Tech, cloud infrastructure, software engineering, AI & machine learning, IoT, robotics & data science.

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The race is on to hit the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations

Ambitious plans set by the United Nations must come into reality during the decade of action (2020-2030). Technology is not the silver bullet, but it will increase productivity and insight whilst reducing emissions and waste at a scale we could never have achieved before.

Achieving optimal results requires careful consideration and expertise. Putting the right people in the right place at the right time is essential in a fast-paced environment.

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Climate goals have huge health benefits too!

With climate change being described by the World Health Organisation as ‘this century’s biggest threat to health’ business leaders are at the fore of reducing death rates.

Embracing technology and innovation will be a key player in reducing risk to humans both now and for future generations.

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Will tech help feed our hungry?

With forecasts suggesting that our agricultural production needs to at least double by 2050 the use of technology and innovation is rapidly evolving in the plight to reduce mass food shortages.

The use of AI, Robotics, bio-tech and sensors are showing great promise in playing their part in meeting the increased demands for agricultural production.

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Solar PV plant

Keeping the lights on!

Even in 2021, there are nearly a billion people without reliable access to affordable power. With demands increasing globally, technology is already proving invaluable in this race.

AI, IoT, Blockchain and battery technology are bringing cleaner energy, improve efficiency and reduce costs to the global markets.


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