At Vox DataVista™, we specialise in high value, low-cost real-time information so you can manage legal and commercial data privacy risks. We now introduce our world-leading supply chain eco-system dashboard DataVista™ Vendor Assurance. Internal up-to-the-minute Governance of your Global Supply Chain anywhere in the world.

We can deliver effective governance of your entire global supply chain to your business in days.

The fact is that supply chain governance is fast becoming the single most pressing issue within enterprise organisations, with 82% of all recent data breaches originating within the supply chain.

Liability and reputational damage of any data breach rest ultimately with the enterprise, the need for assured supply chain governance has never been more vital.

Understanding the true position of your entire supply chain ecosystem can be expensive, time-consuming, and resource-heavy, but with our unique Supply Chain Eco-System Dashboard, this is no longer the case.

DataVista™ Vendor Assurance is a seamless, easily deployable, and fully accessible platform that addresses the data privacy obligations of all enterprises.

DataVista Vendor Assurance Benefits:

  • An easy-to-understand automated assessment of your entire supply chain within 72 hours, rapidly putting your organisation into a ‘defensible’ position across the entirety of your enterprise
  • Immediately reducing non-compliance exposure of your business and supply chain under Article 28 of the GDPR.
  • Provides enterprises with the opportunity to eliminate significant data compliance costs and potentially generate revenue through compliance monitoring.

To understand exactly how we will de-risk the supply chain within days contact, Mike Webster: or call +44 7507 523082 or Paul Hutton: or call +44 7912 870235