Joining Hurren and Hope During Covid

Posted: 27 April 2021
Author: Bethany

Starting a new job can be quite daunting experience at the best of times; having to build new relationships, follow different procedures and adapting to a different company culture. However, this is year could not have been anymore different, with having to start the role from your own home.

Before I had even had my first day with the Hurren and Hope, I felt at ease. I was provided with my own laptop, stationery and anything else I required to allow me to work from home. I was also in regular contact with Mark and Ollie in the weeks leading up to my start date, where they were more than happy to answer any questions I had.

What was my first day like?

From day one, it was clear to see how passionate Hurren and Hope are to providing the best possible experience for their candidates, clients and their employees.  

One of the main first stages in starting a new role is gaining a tour of the office. With the requirement of working from home, this stage has probably been pushed back for new employees, with them gaining the tour a few months into the role, however this was not the case with Hurren and Hope. On my first day, I was provided an office tour over video call and I was amazed by what I saw and I am excited for when the whole team are allowed in the office. The gesture of the virtual tour was small but meant a lot and I instantly felt included.

Following on from the office tour, the next introductory stage is meeting the team. Again, with working from home, this makes it a little different. I met all my colleagues over video call, whilst sitting at the dining table with my slippers on; not something I would have expected to be doing early last year, before Covid19 struck.  However, getting to know everyone whilst in the comfort of my own home, removed some of the first day nerves. The team were extremely welcoming and offered support from the beginning, and I even got to meet some of their furry friends. It was overall, a relaxing experience.

I was then provided with a document that detailed my responsibilities and was presented with the expectations for my first 2-4 weeks, as well as being walked through the company values and objectives. So overall, my first day with Hurren and Hope was similar to one as if I was in the office, if anything it was better. As I said previously, starting a new role is a nerve wrecking experience, however I feel that by starting a new role from the comfort of your own home, helps to settle the nerves as you in a place of comfort.


What has the past month been like?

I feel, in the past month, I have picked everything up quickly, and that is all thanks to the team for showing me the ropes, as they say. The team at Hurren and Hope are so supportive and always go the extra mile in helping one another and it really shows in the company culture and atmosphere, with how passionate they are with making a difference in everyone’s lives. Normally, when I start a new role, it takes me a few months to adjust to the new atmosphere and as the saying goes “come out of my shell”, and within my first week at Hurren and Hope, I felt so welcomed and supported, that I believe they are already starting to see the “real me”. I have l really enjoyed and learnt a lot and my first month at Hurren and Hope and am really looking forward to the future with the team.


What do I miss about working in the office?

However, with all the above said, I do miss working in an office. I miss the face-to-face interaction with individuals, being able to have those random five minute talks about that programme that was on TV and I even miss the travel to and from work every day (Not something I would normally have missed) and I miss the “buzz” you would normally feel in the office. However, with all the technology we have access to, we can still communicate with one another daily, even if it is through a camera lens with us sitting at our dining room table. To allow for us to communicate with one another, Hurren and Hope have scheduled morning meetings, allowing us time to discuss what happened the evening before and to also voice any concerns we have. There is also an open-door policy within Hurren and Hope, where we can get in contact with one another throughout the day if we need help, or if we want to have a quick chat with someone other than those in our household.


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